About Me

I love writing: web writing, ad writing, creative writing, sales writing, journalistic writing, you get the point. As long as it deals in words, I’m in. (I even enjoy grammar…but don’t tell anyone. They might think I’m a nerd).

Always looking for a new challenge and opportunity to grow, I humbly offer you my writings. Don’t worry, though, I didn’t include any of the songs I wrote in the sixth grade. We’ll just leave those boxed up in the garage. For now.


Web Content Specialist

Is there a difference between a Web Content Specialist and a Web Copywriter? Most definitely. A Content Specialist understands how text and imagery move a user through a website.  A carpenter can make a beautiful piece of furniture, but an interior designer knows where to place it for maximum benefit.

A Content Specialist has to not only react to but also predict user behavior.  We must be versed in site architecture and page construction. We must also be code literate. I have yet to use a content management system that didn’t require HTML.

So, if you’re looking for someone to write for your website, make sure s/he knows more than words. Or just contact me.